St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados
Beaches Nearby

Explore the amazing beaches within close proximity to St. Lawrence Gap. From tranquil shores for swimming & snorkeling, to lively waves for windsurfing & boogie boarding.

Maxwell Beach

Adjoining Turtle Beach, Maxwell is just a short stroll from St. Lawrence Gap. It's a great spot for windsurfing, boogie boarding, and experienced stand up paddle boarding.

There are several hotels located along these shores including Barbados Beach Club and Bougainvillea Beach Resort.

Welches Beach

Located between Maxwell and Oistins, Welches beach is home to some lively waves but is also calm enough for swimming and a relaxing soak in the turquoise waters.

Carry your own beach umbrella and chair as none are available for rent here.

Worthing Beach

Just beyond St. Lawrence Bay at the western end of The Gap is the lovely Worthing Beach, also affectionately known as Sandy Beach.

Calm waters invite you in for a swim, while a near-shore reef teeming with tropical fish is an ideal spot to safely snorkel. You might even be joined by a sea turtle or two!

Several excellent beach bars keep you well fed and fully hydrated.

Miami Beach

This beach is located next to Oistins, about a 3 minute drive from St. Lawrence Gap. 

The western side of Miami Beach is calm, perfect for families with kids. The eastern end features more vigorous waves and is better for strong swimmers and for boogie boarding.